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This page lists some useful (free) tools for MWE processing, specially for MWE identification.

Tool name Description Link
UCS toolkit Collection of libraries and scripts for the statistical analysis of cooccurrence data Website
mwetoolkit Research tool that aids in the automatic extraction of multiword units Website
Text-NSP Extract collocations and Ngrams from text Website
jMWE jMWE is a Java library for detecting Multi-Word Expressions (MWE) in text. jMWE is written for Java 1.5.0. Website
StringNet A searchable online knowledgebase of English MWEs. Website
Stanford parser MWE module A tool for converting French MWEs into a representation that can be used by Stanford parser (included in main parser download file, instructions in README, details in paper) Website

If you think that your software should be on this list, please send us an email.