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Towards a Shared Task for Multiword Expressions (MWE 2008)

Workshop at the LREC 2008 Conference (Marrakech, Morocco)

Endorsed by the ACL Special Interest Group on the Lexicon (SIGLEX)

Papers and slides

Full proceedings: PDF
Presentation slides: ZIP
Slides shared task overview: PDF

A Resource for Evaluating the Deep Lexical Acquisition of English Verb-Particle Constructions
Timothy Baldwin
A lexicographic evaluation of German adjective-noun collocations
Stefan Evert
Description of evaluation resource -- German PP-verb data
Brigitte Krenn
Reference Data for Czech Collocation Extraction
Pavel Pecina
A Lexicon of shallow-typed German-English MW-Expressions and a German Corpus of MW-Expressions annotated Sentences
Dimitra Anastasiou and Michael Carl
The VNC-Tokens Dataset
Paul Cook, Afsaneh Fazly and Suzanne Stevenson
Multi-Word Verbs of Estonian: a Database and a Corpus
Heiki-Jaan Kaalep and Kadri Muischnek
A French Corpus Annotated for Multiword Nouns
Eric Laporte, Takuya Nakamura and Stavroula Voyatzi
An Electronic Dictionary of French Multiword Adverbs
Eric Laporte and Stavroula Voyatzi
Cranberry Expressions in English and in German
Beata Trawinski, Manfred Sailer, Jan-Philipp Soehn, Lothar Lemnitzer and Frank Richter
Standardised Evaluation of English Noun Compound Interpretation
Su Nam Kim and Timothy Baldwin
Interpreting Compound Nominalisations
Jeremy Nicholson and Timothy Baldwin
Paraphrasing Verbs for Noun Compound Interpretation
Preslav Nakov
An Evaluation of Methods for the Extraction of Multiword Expressions
Carlos Ramisch, Paulo Schreiner, Marco Idiart and Aline Villavicencio
A Machine Learning Approach to Multiword Expression Extraction
Pavel Pecina

Programme committee

Workshop chairs