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The 11th Workshop on Multiword Expressions (MWE 2015)

Workshop at NAACL 2015 (Denver, Colorado, USA), June 4, 2015

Endorsed by the Special Interest Group on the Lexicon of the Association for Computational Linguistics (SIGLEX) and SIGLEX's Multiword Expressions Section (SIGLEX-MWE).

Last updated: Apr 22, 2015

Workshop Program

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Oral Session 1
09:00–09:30 A Method of Accounting Bigrams in Topic Models
Michael Nokel and Natalia Loukachevitch
09:30–10:00 Multiword Expression Identification with Recurring Tree Fragments and Association Measures
Federico Sangati and Andreas van Cranenburgh
10:00–10:30 How to Account for Idiomatic German Support Verb Constructions in Statistical Machine Translation
Fabienne Cap, Manju Nirmal, Marion Weller and Sabine Schulte im Walde
10:30–11:00 Coffee Break
Oral Session 2
11:00–11:20 A Multiword Expression Data Set: Annotating Non-Compositionality and Conventionalization for English Noun Compounds
Meghdad Farahmand, Aaron Smith and Joakim Nivre
11:20–11:40 Modeling the Statistical Idiosyncrasy of Multiword Expressions
Meghdad Farahmand and Joakim Nivre
11:40–12:00 Clustering-based Approach to Multiword Expression Extraction and Ranking
Elena Tutubalina
12:00–13:00 Invited Talk: How constructions mean
Laura A. Michaelis (joint work with Paul Kay)
13:00–14:00 Lunch
14:00–14:30 Poster Booster Session (5 minutes per poster)
Never-Ending Multiword Expressions Learning
Alexandre Rondon, Helena Caseli and Carlos Ramisch
The Impact of Multiword Expression Compositionality on Machine Translation Evaluation
Bahar Salehi, Nitika Mathur, Paul Cook and Timothy Baldwin
The Bare Necessities: Increasing Lexical Coverage for Multi-Word Domain Terms with Less Lexical Data
Branimir Boguraev, Esme Manandise and Benjamin Segal
Phrase translation using a bilingual dictionary and n-gram data: A case study from Vietnamese to English
Khang Nhut Lam, Feras Al Tarouti and Jugal Kalita
Annotation and Extraction of Multiword Expressions in Turkish Treebanks
Gül¸sen Eryi˘git, Kübra ADALI, Dilara Toruno˘glu-Selamet, Umut Sulubacak and Tu˘gba Pamay
Event Categorization beyond Verb Senses
Aron Marvel and Jean-Pierre Koenig
14:30–15:30Poster Session
15:30–16:00 Coffee Break
Oral Session 3
16:00–16:30 Muddying The Multiword Expression Waters: How Cognitive Demand Affects Multiword Expression Production
Adam Goodkind and Andrew Rosenberg
16:30–17:00 Building a Lexicon of Formulaic Language for Language Learners
Julian Brooke, Adam Hammond, David Jacob, Vivian Tsang, Graeme Hirst and Fraser Shein