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Welcome to the SIGLEX-MWE website!

SIGLEX-MWE is a section of SIGLEX, the ACL Special Interest Group on the Lexicon. It is dedicated to promoting scientific activity on multiword expressions (MWEs). Since 23 August 2017 the section has its constitution.


By SIGLEX constitution, each member of the section must also be a member of SIGLEX. Current members are kindly asked to make sure that they fulfill this requirement by:

To become a new member of the SIGLEX-MWE section:

Standing Committee

Since the ratification of the SIGLEX-MWE constitution, the section is coordinated by a Standing Committee (SC) of five members. The current members are:

New candidates to the SC are welcome every year. If you are a section member, you have published research work on MWEs, and you wish to serve the MWE community, please, contact the current section representative. Calls for candidates will also be published yearly on the MWE mailing list.

Past officers

The coordination of the section was ensured in the past by:

Yearly reports

According to the SIGLEX-MWE constitution, the Standing Committee should report yearly on the Section's activities to its members.